Welcome from the Lord Mayor
Welcome from the Lord Mayor

Perth City Lord MayorWelcome to the City of Perth

What began as the capital of the Swan River Colony in 1829, has grown to become the cultural, business, entertainment, finance, legal and government centre of the vast State of Western Australia.

In an area larger than many countries, Western Australia covers 2,250,000 square kilometres, yet two-thirds of the State's population live within the metropolitan area of Perth, the most isolated capital in the world.

Perhaps because of that isolation, visitors find the people of Perth to be independent, self-sufficient and resourceful.

Perth is consistently voted one of the world's friendliest and most livable cities, with a relaxed lifestyle and accessibility that only smaller cities enjoy and a climate that most can only envy.

Visitors and locals alike take to the great open spaces and walkways along the Swan River. Magnificent yachts sail within the shadows of the CBD office blocks, and fishers still enjoy fresh fish caught in the river near the City centre. Regular visitors to Kings Park delight in its beauty in the same way that first timers do. Some of the world's best beaches are only minutes away.

The City's prosperity is reflective of the wealth of natural resources sourced throughout the State. Its global outlook has been fostered through international investment and partnerships, its proximity to Asia and the multicultural population. Its location is a credit to Captain Stirling. Its beauty is a triumph of Mother Nature.

Dr Peter Nattrass
The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor



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