Terms and Conditions


Permissible Baggage

Providing that your baggage:

  • does not exceed GSR’s limits or is accepted and paid for by the guest as excess baggage;
  • is not, in the complete discretion of GSR, considered inappropriate or unsafe because of its size, shape, weight or character;
  • is appropriately packed and identified for travel;
  • is not prohibited or restricted in accordance with this clause;

You may take the following baggage on board;

  • Cabin Baggage:
    Gold Kangaroo Service: one suitcase not exceeding 25 kilograms plus hand baggage including garment bag, cabin bag, briefcase;
    Red Kangaroo Sleeper Cabin: hand baggage including garment bag, cabin bag, briefcase;
    Red Kangaroo Daynighter Seat: cabin bag;
  • Checked Baggage
    50 kilograms of baggage (two items not exceeding 25 kilograms each and not exceeding 180 linear centimetres). An infant’s stroller or carry basket is included as part of checked baggage.
  • General
    You are entitled to carry on board a handbag, pocket book or purse appropriate to normal travel dress which is not being used as a container for the transportation or articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage; an overcoat, wrap or blanket; an umbrella or walking stick; a small camera and/ or pair of binoculars; a reasonable amount of reading matter for the journey; an infant’s food for consumption during travel; an infant’s carry basket; a fully collapsible wheelchair and/ or a prosthetic device if you are dependent upon them. Wheelchairs may be used to board the train and then may be stowed in the baggage van.

Prohibited Items

Under no circumstances are you permitted to carry the following Prohibited Items as either Cabin Baggage, Checked Baggage or on your person:

  • knives, weapons and firearms or any type (exceptions exist for firearms and ammunition for hunting or sporting purposes. These must be packed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. GSR’s approval in writing must be obtained for the carriage of these items, which approval may be withheld at the GSR’s sole discretion. Applications to carry firearms and ammunition must be submitted at least two working days prior to the anticipated departure date);
  • items that may become or are dangerous, such as compressed gases, corrosives (such as wet seal batteries, items containing mercury, bleaches, acids and alkalies), explosives (including fire works and flares), flammables (such as paints, thinners or petroleum products), oxidising materials (such as hydrogen peroxide), poisons (such as pesticides and herbicides), radioactive material;
  • items prohibited by any applicable law, regulation or order;
  • animals (with the exception of guide dogs).

Excess Baggage

All Baggage must comply with applicable size and weight restrictions permissible for each class of travel set out on the ticket and in this clause. Any Baggage in excess of the permissible amount can be refused carriage by GSR or may, if appropriate, be included in checked baggage, providing the appropriate fee is paid.


Concession and Student Train Fares

Pensioners and Children that meet the following criteria are eligible for a Concession fare:
Pensioner fares: are only available to Australian Pensioners holding a PCC Card. Pensioners with a PCC Card and Travel Vouchers may be entitled to a further reduction. Please enquire.

Australian Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Holder: Must hold a valid card.
Australian Pensioner and Commonwealth Seniors Card holder fares for The Ghan to Darwin and vice versa are provided on the basis of an agreement with the Australian Federal Government which is not yet finalised. These rates may therefore be subject to change.

Child fares: are available to children aged 4 - 15 years inclusive or where a child occupies a seat of berth.

Backpacker Fares: available to members of major recognised Backpacker organisations.

Student fares: full time students aged 16 years and over must hold a current ID card from a recognized institution.


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