Whale Sharks Tours

Whale Sharks Whale Sharks are the world’s largest species of fish measuring up to 18m long and between April and July these imposing but gentle giants grace the waters of Ningaloo Marine Park. Stretching 260km Ningaloo Reef is known as the mini version of the Great Barrier where Whale Sharks congregate in the unfished waters and delight visitors from around the world.


Tours from neighbouring Exmouth can offer lucky guests a chance to have a face to face encounter snorkelling with the giants in the depths. Spotter planes will accompany tours to help scan the waters for the Whale Sharks as with wild animals there is never 100% guarantee of sightings. That said the success rate is very high. Other spectacles to be seen are the gliding rays, dolphins, sharks and even the odd turtle casting shadows in the deep.



If Ningaloo Marine Park leaves you with a taste for more then make your way to Coral Bay or Exmouth where stunning beaches boarder the coast and the coral reef is as close as 20m from the shore for excellent snorkelling opportunities.


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