Dolphin Experiences & Whale Watching Tours

If you've never had the chance to see a dolphin chase the wake of a boat or spin out of the surf then Western Australia has everything you need and more with three areas guaranteed to give you a glimpse. Not only do Seasonal Tours offer the chance to join Dolphin Watching Tours but you can have the opportunity to interact with them in the shallows of Monkey Mia and Swim with them on organised cruises.


Dolphin Swim

Monkey Mia has been visited by three generations of Bottlenose Dolphins and there is a good chance guests will have a close encounter at Monkey Mia even if they choose not to join the Dolphin Swim Tour.

Other attractions in WA are the Sea Lions and Penguins of Penguin Island, another stunning setting around which you are likely to come across the friendly Dolphins of WA.

Dolphin Swim tour

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