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Seasonal Tours

Seasonal Tours in Western Australia

For five months each year around 12,000 species of Wildflowers come into bloom in Western Australia leaving a trail of colour and devastating beauty across the state. Many of the wildflowers are endemic to the state and you can see them on one of a variety of Seasonal Tours. Other Seasonal Tours include Whale Shark and WhaleWatching on which you can marvel at the graceful giants of the sea as they set out on they annual migration. You may also be enticed by the Dolphin Swim Tours for a totally wild and exhilarating experience.

Wildflower Tours (August - October)
Whale Sharks Tours (April - July)
Whale Watching Tours (September - November)
Dolphin Swim Tours (September - May)

January and February
The best time to see turtles laying thousands of eggs on the beaches of Exmouth.

March to June
Whale sharks season along the shores of Exmouth.

March and April
An opportunity to walk to the moon. During the nights, the moon extends to the ocean waters in Broome and it looks like a stairway to the moon. Seeing is believing.

August to October
Wild Flower season in the south west and west regions of Western Australia.

August and September
Whale watching season in the South West.

September to November
Whale watching season along the beaches of Perth.

September to April
Swim with the dolphins and sea lions around the Perth coastline

November to March
Penguin and bird watching at Penguin Island.

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