What is the advantage of taking a packaged tour?

Packaged tours are a convenient way of travelling within Western Australia. During the peak season, there is limited availability of accommodation and tours. Package tours guarantee your accommodation and travel. In addition, packaged tours are generally cheaper.


Does a surcharge apply on my credit card when paying for any of your services?

No surcharges apply.


What do you mean by deluxe or economy?

As a general rule, deluxe is a more expensive option that offers more services compared to economy.


Is it cheaper to purchase Airline Tickets for regional travel once I arrive in Australia?

Unfortunately, due to different world currencies and conversions we cannot be sure which option would be cheaper. As a note, Virgin Blue is a more affordable Airline compared to Qantas for regional travel.


What information do you require when I chose a personalised tour?

Please send us your full name, dates of travel, areas of interest and your budget by fax, email or phone.


Do I need to be of any specific age to be eligible to travel on any of the tours?

Generally, there are no age restrictions, but in certain cases it depends on the tour operators.


I am a vegetarian. Will I get vegetarian food on the tours?

Absolutely, all you have to do is inform us by fax, email or phone that you require a vegetarian meal.


If it is raining, will the tour still be conducted?

This entirely depends on how bad the weather is. If tours are cancelled due to weather conditions, you will receive a full cash refund. If you paid by cash you will be refunded by cheque. If you paid by credit card you will be refunded by credit card.。


I am presently in my home country. Can I book once I arrive there?

Yes, you can, but we recommend you make early bookings especially during school holidays, Easter, Christmas and the peak season. Early bookings will avoid disappointments.


I want to change the date of my tour. Can I do that?

Yes you can bring forward the date of travel of your tour for no extra charge. A charge of five dollars is applicable for tour dates that are brought forward.

I don’t own a printer or fax. How will I receive my booking voucher?

You will have to pick it up from our office in Perth once you arrive.


I haven’t decided on my accommodation yet. Can I still make a tour booking?

Yes, you can. Please inform us as soon as you can of your accommodation so that we can inform the tour operators your location for pick up on days of your tours.


Can I make a booking on weekends?

Yes you can.


What are your prices in – American or Australian dollar?

Australian Dollar


I want to book a tour and don’t own a credit card. Can I pay by cash?

Yes you can pay by cash on your arrival here, but we need credit card details of any of your family members for insurance purposes. They will not be charged unless you don’t show up for your booked services.


After I make a booking, will I be informed with more details on my tour?

Yes, your voucher will have all the details such as your tour name, date of travel and pick up location. Detailed tour itineraries can be found on our website.


I have no experience in sky diving. Can I go to licensing a course straight away?

Yes, you can as long as you are physically fit. Also for your safety, the instructor will jump with you.

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